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Airlie Beach Airport

News/Event Status : Past Airlie Beach News & Event
News/Event Start Date : 01 Dec 2011
News/Event End Date : 01 Dec 2011
News/Event Venue : Airlie Beach Airport

Event Description :

Lots of people are confused about the location of the Airlie Beach Airport that appears as a destination with Australian airlines.

We frequently get questions from people asking about the location of Airlie Beach Airport.

Since 2009 flights Airlie Beach started to appear as a destination in for flights from Virgin Australia and Jetstar, the regional airlines that the majority of Australian jet air routes.

On the Virgin Australia systems, Airlie Beach airport appears with the code of WSY. On the Jetstar web site, Airlie Beach airport appears Whitsunday Coast Airlie Beach.

It could be considered quite confusing as there is no Airlie Beach airport!!

The truth is that some innovation has occurred with the delivery of passengers to the favourite desination of Airlie Beach by the local ferry companies. In conjunction with the airlines, they now offer a ferry ride in conjunction with the airline, so that passengers actually arrive to Hamilton Island and then get a transfer ferry ride through the islands to either Shute Harbour (Fantasea Cruises, Virgin Australia) or Abel Point Marina Airlie Beach, Jetstar)

This has given travelers and holiday makers increased choice of flights to get to Airlie Beach, with more direct flights coming to Hamilton Island airport, but have the additional time imposition of a ferry ride of 45 minutes or more. Some people will enjoy this, as the ride amongst the islands is very scenic, while others will consider it time consuming.

Further confusion exists about the Whitsunday Coast airport, Proserpine, which could be considered an Airlie Beach Airport also. Whitsunday Coast Airport could be considered an Airlie Beach airport also, as it is located on the mainland, and just 30 minutes by taxi, shuttle bus, transfer bus or limosine from Airlie Beach. The airport was upgraded in 2011 to modernise the facility and add extra gate lounge facilities. At the time of writing the airport only receives one flight from Brisbane per day by Virgin Australia and Jetstar.

To confuse matters more, there is a Whitsunday Airport, which is a light aircraft residential and tourist airport, located 10 minutes drive. There are not regular services to or from this airport, so don't bother considering it with your travel plans.

Airlie Beach airport = Hamilton Island airport AND 45+ minute ferry ride
Whitsunday Coast Proserpine = mainland airport AND 30 + minute vehicle transfer





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