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Common Marine Species in the Whitsundays and waters around Airlie Beach

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News/Event Status : Past Airlie Beach News & Event
News/Event Start Date : 14 Jan 2012
News/Event End Date : 14 Jan 2012
News/Event Venue : Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

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The Whitsunday Islands are home to so many marine species arouse the marine enthusiast in us all. Whilst enjoying the waters around Airlie Beach and staying at the great Airlie Beach accommodation, Toscana Village Resort, the suppliers of this narrative, you should be on the look out for these quite particular marine creatures within reach of visitors.


Discovering Nemo (a young childrens movie), is a tale on a timid Clown Fish who sets out on a journey to bring his son home who has been captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney. Since the release of this motion picture in 2003, folks from all over the world have been going crazy to see this beautiful small fish and especially in the Whitsundays Region. For those not aware of the Clown Fish, these folks are commonly seen in the balmy waters near the Whitsunday Islands and they be made up of about 30 various species. These fish are very colourful ranging from yellow-colored and maroon to shades of orange. The most common identified is a brilliant orange with bright white stripes just like out little friend Nemo. One crucial issue you really need to understand about the Clown Fish is that they are very territorial, so please let them be if you do see one!!!


The Dugong, or Sea Cow (the closest living relative to the Manatees), are marine animals which can grow to about 3 metres in length and weigh as much as 400 kilograms. At a weight as much as 400 kilograms you would expect these marine mammals to eat more than sea plants, but you could genuinely call them vegetarians of the ocean. Dugongs possess a rounded head with small eyes and a large snout. There eyesight is bad; nevertheless they do have very good hearing. Coarse delicate bristles that cover the upper lip of their large and fleshy snout help them uncover and grasp sea grass (which is how they get the title Sea Cow as they graze along the sea floor). Dugongs swim using their whale-liked fluke tail and they use their front flippers for balance and turning. Their movements are typically slow and graceful. These very unique creatures of the Sea inhabit shallow, tropical ocean throughout the Whitsunday Islands Marine Park. They are commonly located around the shoreline off Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, Conway Beach, Hydeaway Bay and Dingo Beach.

Humpback Whales

Humpbacks are rorquals whales which possess distinctive throat grooves. They have very long rehabers using knobs on the front edge and a humped dorsal fin. Humpbacks are blackish in color with white colored undersides. The underside of the tail fluke is commonly white colored with black patterning, which is special to each and every humpback (a bit like a human fingerprint), making it straightforward to track and determine their movements. The male humpbacks average14.6 metres and females 15.2 metres long. The maximum is 18 metres and a mature adult may weigh up to 45 tonnes - which is massive!!!Whales visit our lovely Whitsundays Islands yearly on their migration north from Antarctica. The humpback whales find this a great place to give birth to the calm, warm and guarded waters. The best time of year to see them playing in our waters is from June to September.

These are merely a couple of of the more notable species which frequent the islands and reef close to Airlie Beach, and together with the thousands of others make a visit to the Great Barrier Reef such a unique experience of nature while staying at Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach accommodation.





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